[K12OSN] Wiki?

Petre Scheie petre at maltzen.net
Thu Dec 21 18:12:43 UTC 2006

Dan Young wrote:
> Mel Wade wrote:
>> Is the new wiki live?  If you follow the link on the site (k12ltsp.org
>> <http://k12ltsp.org>) you go to www.k12lstp.org/wiki
>> <http://www.k12lstp.org/wiki> which redirects you to the old wiki...
> It's currently still at k12ltsp.org/mediawiki and we haven't moved any
> of the aliases from old to new.
> We were hoping to get some feedback and have some consensus on this
> before "flipping the switch". I'm strongly of the opinion that we should
>    go w/ MediaWiki, perhaps in concert w/ the K12LTSP v6 announcement.
> Outstanding issues:
> Logo (I'll look for a candidate this morning)
> Broken links (look for red links)
> Missing content
> Spurious pipe chars on links (residue from incomplete sed magic)
> Being a wiki, anybody can jump in and add a little polish, copy over
> some missing content, etc. I see that a few people have done so (the
> RecentChanges feature actually works here!) Thanks!
FYI, I see a logo on the top left when I view the 'GDM autologin' document, but I see 
just the logo placeholder on the main page.

Thanks for adding the ability to post attachment files.


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