[K12OSN] Online Grades 3.2.4 Released and new Linux Gradebook supported

Sam Snow snowsam at laurel-point.net
Fri Dec 22 08:29:24 UTC 2006

Online Grades is a free web-based software program for securely posting
student grades to the internet. It is not a gradebook, but takes exports
from several common grade book programs. For more information and a demo
site see http://www.onlinegrades.org/ .

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Subject: Online Grades 3.2.4 Released

Merry Christmas!

We are pleased to announce the release of Online Grades version 3.2.4.
This release features "Grade Groups" capability, which allows for coaches
or administrators to review the overall grades for a group of students.
Thanks to "evilpluto" -
for doing much of the work to move this feature over from an old version
of Basmati. For an overview of how Grade Groups works please see

If you are wondering where Online Grades 3.2.3 went, we decided to skip
this version number due to the new Grade Groups functionality and other
new features that have been added since 3.2.2. There were no database
changes in this release, so upgrading is very straight forward. See
http://docs.onlinegrades.org/Upgrading_from_Previous_Versions for details.
If you upgraded from 3.2.1 to 3.2.2 the procedure is the same.

New Features:
1580566 Added Grade Groups - See
1194191 Allow admins to upload grades for other teachers
1599347 Support for per login help links
1421752 Modify update checker to reduce hits
(No number) Added a demonstration mode to help with the Online Grades Demo.
(No number) Added ability to sort tables on the fly using JavaScript
(multiple locations)
(No number) Added ability to send mail to any user with an associated
email address
(No number) Moved the SQL query and quick query in the admin area to an
"expert mode" area.

Bugs Fixed:
1616839 Fix for password reset email not being sent
1612878 Fixed IIS/PHP as CGI Login Session Problem
1582098 Fix for being unable to change default admin
1582092 Added support for short_open_tag off PHP option
1580649 Fixed Remove Student bug in the parent center
1574982 Fixed Email Validation Bug for .info addresses
(No number) News & Updates would display error if logged in as semi-admin
(No number) Fix for incorrect email link from parents.php?func=showgradebook
(No number) Fixed default value in the config

We are also pleased to announce support for a new grade book program,
GradeL - http://gradel.sourceforge.net/ . GradeL is a free graphical grade
book program that currently runs only on Linux.

Thanks for your continued support of the growing Online Grades community
and we look forward to another year!

Beau and Sam

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