[K12OSN] Local Devices are Cool !!!

Dan Young dyoung at mesd.k12.or.us
Fri Dec 22 18:48:34 UTC 2006

Rob Owens wrote:
> As expected, it did *not* work with my Canon A530
> digital camera.  On a standalone desktop machine, this
> camera does not get mounted as a removable drive, but
> relies on some special import method performed by
> gphoto (I think it's gphoto, anyway.)  Are there any
> workarounds for this type of camera?  I'd love to be
> able to use it on my thin clients.

Doubtful. The ltspfs fuse module deals w/ mountable filesystems. Looks
like that Canon doesn't have a "mass storage" mode, but uses PTP instead.

Don't know if USB/IP has gone anywhere. There is GPL'ed code out there
to extend USB device sharing over an IP network. Looks like the website

I'd buy a cheap card reader.

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