[K12OSN] K12LTSP 6.0.0 Released

Eric Harrison eharrison at mail.mesd.k12.or.us
Sun Dec 24 18:34:22 UTC 2006

Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the Spouse? K12LTSP
6.0.0 is now available for all of your gift-giving needs!

It slices, it dices. And when you are finished, it makes great drink
coasters. The ultimate stocking-stuffer! Hurry while supplies last!

Act now and you will get your choice of CD images or DVD images in
either the 32bit or 64bit flavor! All for the same low price! But wait,
that is not all! The first 1,000,000,000,000 downloaders will also get
free access to the new K12LTSP wiki! http://www.k12ltsp.org/mediawiki

See below for all of the exciting details!

Get yours today at:

K12LTSP 6.0.0 ISO images for 32bit servers (PIII, P4, older Xeon,
Athlon, etc)

   rsync -Pav k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us::K12LTSP-6.0.0-32bit/ .

K12LTSP 6.0.0 ISO images for 64bit servers (newer Xeons, Opteron,
Athlon64, etc)

   rsync -Pav k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us::K12LTSP-6.0.0-64bit/ .

K12LTSP 6.0.0 DVD images for 32bit servers (PIII, P4, older Xeon,
Athlon, etc)

   rsync -Pav k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us::K12LTSP-6.0.0-32bit-dvd/ .

K12LTSP 6.0.0 DVD images for 64bit servers (newer Xeons, Opteron,
Athlon64, etc)

   rsync -Pav k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us::K12LTSP-6.0.0-64bit-dvd/ .

                 K12LTSP 6.0.0 Release Notes

K12LTSP 6.0.0 is based on Fedora Core 6, with a large number of changes

   * LTSP 4.2 update 4
   * A bunch of packages from Fedora Extras
   * Hundreds of updated FC6 packages
   * A handful of K12LTSP packages, just to spice things up

This release of K12LTSP is slightly different than past releases in that
there is no specific "LTSP" install option. If you want do a "normal"
Fedora Core 6 install from K12LTSP 6, simply uncheck the "LTSP" package

The "Education" package group has been split up into two groups. Now
there is "Eduction (K-5)" which includes tuxtype, tuxpaint, gcompris,
etc for the younger kids, and there is "Education (6-12)" which includes
gperiodic, qcad, etc for the older kids.

Also note that if you install the LTSP package group, the DHCP and DNS
use alternate configuration files:

	DHCP:  /etc/dhcpd-k12ltsp.conf
	DNS:   /etc/named-k12ltsp.conf


K12LTSP specific packages:

root-desktop-urls               0.6-k12ltsp.6.0.0
   - include a "Remove Icons" icon to complement the "Push Icons" icon
   - "Get Acrobat Reader" now fetches Acrobat Reader 7.0.8

k12ltsp-education               6.0.0-2
   - split into k12ltsp-education-grades-k-5  and

k12ltsp-release                 6.0.0-2

k12ltsp-utils                   6.0.0-2
    - upgrade fix

ltsp_config                     0.0.41-k12ltsp.6.0.0
   - remove GNOME_MixerApplet from the default panel configuration
   - set a new default background
   - disable suspend & hibernate in gnome-power-manager
   - font fix for flash

Latest version:

afio                            2.5-0.k12ltsp.6.0.0
buffer                          1.19-1.k12ltsp.6.0.0
fl_teachertool                  0.34-2.k12ltsp.6.0.0
icewm                           1.2.28-1.k12ltsp.6.0.0
ltsp_ltspswapd                  4.2.0-0.k12ltsp.6.0.0
mindi                           1.2.0-2.k12ltsp.6.0.0
mindi-busybox                   1.2.1-2.fc5
mondo                           2.2.0-2.k12ltsp.6.0.0

Packages from Fedora Extras:

atomix                          2.14.0-2.fc6
blender                         2.42a-4.fc6
bluefish                        1.0.7-1.fc6
cabextract                      1.1-5.fc6
celestia                        1.4.1-7.fc6
childsplay                      0.84.1-1.fc6
drgeo                           1.1.0-11.fc6
fltk                            1.1.7-2.fc6
freealut                        1.1.0-2.fc6
freenx                          0.5.0-5.fc6
fuse                            2.6.0-2.fc6
fuse-emulator                   0.7.0-6.fc6
fuse-encfs                      1.3.1-3.fc6
fuse-sshfs                      1.7-2.fc6
gc                              6.8-3.fc6
gcompris                        8.2-1.fc6
gdk-pixbuf                      0.22.0-30.fc6
glib                            1.2.10-23.fc6
glibmm24                        2.12.3-1
gnet2                           2.0.7-9.fc6
gnome-theme-clearlooks-bigpack  0.6-4.fc6
gnome-themes-extras             0.9.0-5.fc6
gnucap                          0.34-3.fc6
gnuchess                        5.07-10.fc6
gperiodic                       2.0.8-7.fc6
gtk+                            1.2.10-55.fc6
gtkglext                        1.2.0-4.fc6
gtkglextmm                      1.2.0-5.fc6
gtkmm24                         2.10.5-1.fc6
gtk-sharp                       1.0.10-12.fc6
gtypist                         2.7-4.fc6
imlib                           1.9.13-30.fc6
inkscape                        0.44.1-2.fc6
libpng10                        1.0.21-1.fc6
libsigc++20                     2.0.17-2
loudmouth                       1.0.5-2.fc6
ltsp-utils                      0.25-4.fc6
lua                             5.1.1-2.fc6
meld                            1.1.4-4.fc6
nautilus-open-terminal          0.7-3.fc6
nx                              2.1.0-1.fc6
openal                          0.0.9-0.9.20060204cvs.fc6
OpenEXR                         1.4.0a-3.fc6
ORBit                           0.5.17-20.fc6
perl-Authen-SASL                2.10-1.fc6
perl-Crypt-SSLeay               0.51-12.fc6
perl-DateManip                  5.44-2.fc6
perl-Parse-Yapp                 1.05-36.fc6
perl-GSSAPI                     0.23-2.fc6
perl-Mail-Alias                 1.12-7.fc6
perl-String-ShellQuote          1.03-3.fc6
perl-X11-Protocol               0.55-5.fc6
perl-XML-DOM                    1.44-2.fc6
perl-XML-RegExp                 0.03-2.fc6
perl-XML-XQL                    0.68-3.fc6
plotutils                       2.5-3.fc6
pygame                          1.7.1-9.fc6
sabayon                         2.12.4-4.fc6
SDL_gfx                         2.0.13-7.fc6
SDL_image                       1.2.5-3.fc6
SDL_mixer                       1.2.7-2.fc6
SDL_net                         1.2.6-2.fc6
SDL_Pango                       0.1.2-4.fc6
SDL_ttf                         2.0.8-2.fc6
skencil                         0.6.17-8.fc6
squidGuard                      1.2.0-14.fc6
tuxpaint                        0.9.15b-4.fc6
tuxpaint-stamps                 2005.11.25-1.fc6
tuxtype2                        1.5.3-2.fc6
vnc-ltsp-config                 4.0-3
vnc-reflector                   1.2.4-2.fc6
xboard-4.2.7                    16.fc6
xscreensaver-base               5.01-3.fc6
yumex                           1.2.1-1.0.fc6

Fedora Core 6 Updates:

a2ps                            4.13b-57.fc6.3
am-utils                        6.1.5-4.1.fc6
anacron                         2.3-44.fc6
arpwatch                        2.1a13-16.fc6
arts                            1.5.5-0.1.fc6
at                              3.1.8-84.fc6
audit                           1.3-2.fc6
authconfig                      5.3.12-1.fc6
autofs                          5.0.1-0.rc2.36
avahi                           0.6.15-1.fc6
beagle                          0.2.13-1.fc6
bind                            9.3.3-0.1.rc3.fc6
bluez-gnome                     0.6-1.fc6
bluez-utils                     3.7-2
boost                           1.33.1-10.fc6
bouncycastle                    1.34-2.fc6
bug-buddy                       2.16.0-3.fc6
caching-nameserver              9.3.3-0.1.rc3.fc6
cairo                           1.2.6-1.fc6
checkpolicy                     1.33.1-2.fc6
control-center                  2.16.0-11.fc6
coreutils                       5.97-12.2.fc6
cpio                            2.6-21.fc6
cpuspeed                        1.2.1-1.42.fc6
cups                            1.2.7-1.3.fc6
cvs                             1.11.22-6.fc6
dbus                            1.0.1-8.fc6
desktop-printing                0.19-18.fc6
dhcp                            3.0.5-1.fc6
dogtail                         0.6.1-1.fc6
dovecot                         1.0-1.rc15.fc6
doxygen                         1.5.1-1
dvd+rw-tools                    7.0-0.fc6.2
e2fsprogs                       1.39-7.fc6
eclipse                         3.2.1-23.fc6
eel2                            2.16.1-1.fc6
eject                           2.1.5-4.1.fc6
elinks                          0.11.1-5.1
evince                          0.6.0-5.fc6
fetchmail                       6.3.4-2
fonts-bengali                   2.0.10-1.fc6
fonts-gujarati                  2.0.10-1.fc6
fonts-hindi                     2.0.10-1.fc6
fonts-japanese                  0.20061016-1.fc6
fonts-kannada                   2.0.10-1.fc6
fonts-malayalam                 2.0.10-1.fc6
fonts-oriya                     2.0.10-1.fc6
fonts-punjabi                   2.0.10-1.fc6
fonts-tamil                     2.0.10-1.fc6
fonts-telugu                    2.0.10-1.fc6
foomatic                        3.0.2-39.1.fc6
fortune-mod                     1.99.1-7.fc6
freeradius                      1.1.3-1.1
freetype                        2.2.1-16.fc6
gaim                            2.0.0-0.26.beta5.fc6
gamin                           0.1.7-8.fc6
gcalctool                       5.8.25-1.fc6
gdb                             6.5-15.fc6
gdm                             2.16.4-1.fc6
ghostscript                     8.15.3-1.fc6
gjdoc                           0.7.7-14.fc6
glx-utils                       6.5.1-8.fc6
gmp                             4.1.4-9.fc6
gnome-bluetooth                 0.7.0-11.fc6
gnome-libs                      1.4.2-3.fc6
gnome-panel                     2.16.1-3.fc6
gnome-pilot                     2.0.15-1.fc6
gnome-power-manager             2.16.0-4.fc6
gnome-python2                   2.16.2-1.fc6
gnome-screensaver               2.16.1-2.fc6
gnome-session                   2.16.0-7.fc6
gnome-vfs2                      2.16.2-2.fc6
gnome-volume-manager            2.15.0-4.fc6
gnucash                         2.0.2-1.fc6
gnupg                           1.4.6-2
gpart                           0.1h-4.fc6
grep                            2.5.1-54.1.2.fc6
gstreamer                       0.10.10-2.fc6
gtk2                            2.10.4-6.fc6
gtkhtml3                        3.12.2-1.fc6
hardlink                        1.0-2.fc6
hpijs                           1.6.10-1.fc6.4
hplip                           1.6.10-1.fc6.4
htmlview                        3.0.0-15.fc6
hwbrowser                       0.29-1.fc6
info                            4.8-14.fc6
initscripts                     8.45.7-1
iproute                         2.6.19-1.fc6
irqbalance                      0.55-2.fc6
jpilot                          0.99.8-8.fc6
jwhois                          3.2.3-8.fc6
k3b                             0.12.17-1
kdeaccessibility                3.5.5-0.1.fc6
kdeaddons                       3.5.5-0.1.fc6
kdeadmin                        3.5.5-0.1.fc6
kdeartwork                      3.5.5-0.1.fc6
kdebase                         3.5.5-0.4.fc6
kdebindings                     3.5.5-0.1.fc6
kdeedu                          3.5.5-0.1.fc6
kdegames                        3.5.5-0.1.fc6
kdegraphics                     3.5.5-0.1.fc6
kde-i18n                        3.5.5-0.1.fc6
kdelibs                         3.5.5-0.2.fc6
kdemultimedia                   3.5.5-0.1.fc6
kdenetwork                      3.5.5-0.1.fc6
kdepim                          3.5.5-0.2.fc6
kdesdk                          3.5.5-0.1.fc6
kdeutils                        3.5.5-0.1.fc6
kdevelop                        3.3.5-0.1.fc6
kdewebdev                       3.5.5-0.1.fc6
kernel                          2.6.18-1.2868.fc6
libbeagle                       0.2.13-1.fc6
libdhcp4client                  3.0.5-1.fc6
libdrm                          2.3.0-1.fc6
libgconf-java                   2.12.4-5.fc6
libgsf                          1.14.1-7
libgtk-java                     2.8.7-2.fc6
libiec61883                     1.1.0-1.fc6
libnotify                       0.4.2-5.fc6
libpcap                         0.9.4-9.fc6
librsvg2                        2.16.1-1.fc6
libsane-hpaio                   1.6.10-1.fc6.4
libselinux                      1.33.2-3.fc6
libsepol                        1.15.3-1.fc6
libsoup                         2.2.98-1.fc6
libswt3-gtk2                    3.2.1-23.fc6
libvirt                         0.1.9-1.fc6
libvte-java                     0.12.1-5.fc6
libX11                          1.0.3-5.fc6
libxklavier                     3.0-2.fc6
libxml2                         2.6.27-1.FC6
libxslt                         1.1.18-1.FC6
logwatch                        7.3-6.fc6
m17n-db                         1.3.3-41.fc6
man-pages-fr                    2.39-6.fc6
mc                              4.6.1a-35.fc6
mesa                            6.5.1-8.fc6
mikmod                          3.1.6-39.fc6
mlocate                         0.15-0.fc6.1
mod_auth_kerb                   5.3-2.fc6
mod_dav_svn                     1.4.2-2.fc6
mysql                           5.0.27-1.fc6
nautilus                        2.16.2-5.fc6
nautilus-cd-burner              2.16.0-6.fc6
nautilus-extensions             2.16.2-5.fc6
net-snmp                        5.3.1-12.fc6
nfs-utils                       1.0.10-5.fc6
nspr                            4.6.4-0.6.fc6
nss                             3.11.4-0.6.fc6
ntp                             4.2.2p4-2.fc6
openoffice.org                  2.0.4-5.5.3
openssh                         4.3p2-14.fc6
openssl                         0.9.8b-8.3.fc6
oprofile                        0.9.2-3.fc6
ORBit2                          2.14.3-4.fc6
pam_mount                       0.17-5.fc6
pango                           1.14.8-1.fc6
paps                            0.6.6-17.fc6
parted                          1.7.1-17.fc6
perl-PDL                        2.4.2-6.fc6
php                             5.1.6-3.3.fc6
pirut                           1.2.8-1.fc6
planner                         0.14.2-1.fc6
policycoreutils                 1.33.6-3.fc6
poppler                         0.5.4-3.fc6
ppp                             2.4.4-1.fc6
pstoedit                        3.44-5.fc6
pycairo                         1.2.6-1.fc6
pygobject2                      2.12.3-1.fc6
pygtk2                          2.10.3-3.fc6
python                          2.4.4-1.fc6
pyxdg                           0.15-3.fc6
qt                              3.3.7-0.1.fc6
rdesktop                        1.5.0-1
recode                          3.6-22.fc6
redhat-menus                    6.7.8-2.fc6
rhgb                            0.16.4-3.fc6
rhythmbox                       0.9.5-8.fc6
rsh                             0.17-38.fc6
scim                            1.4.4-36.fc6
scim-anthy                      1.2.2-1.fc6
screen                          4.0.3-1.fc6
SDL                             1.2.10-8.fc6
seamonkey                       1.0.6-0.6.2.fc6
selinux-policy                  2.4.6-7.fc6
setools                         3.0-2.fc6
shadow-utils                    4.0.17-10.fc6
spamassassin                    3.1.7-1.fc6
speex                           1.2-0.1.beta1.fc6
subversion                      1.4.2-2.fc6
swig                            1.3.31-0.fc6
sysstat                         7.0.0-3.fc6
system-config-date              1.8.8-1.fc6
system-config-httpd             1.4.1-1.fc6
system-config-kickstart         2.6.17-1.fc6
system-config-network           1.3.96-1.fc6
system-config-printer           0.7.40-1.fc6
system-config-soundcard         2.0.5-2.fc6
system-config-users             1.2.47-1.fc6
systemtap                       0.5.10-1.fc6
tar                             1.15.1-22.fc6
tcpdump                         3.9.4-9.fc6
tcsh                            6.14-12
texinfo                         4.8-14.fc6
tkinter                         2.4.4-1.fc6
totem                           2.16.3-1.fc6
traceroute                      2.0.2-1.fc6
tsclient                        0.148-5.fc6
tzdata                          2006p-1.fc6
util-linux                      2.13-0.45.3.fc6
vino                            2.13.5-6.fc6
virt-manager                    0.2.6-2.fc6
vnc                             4.1.2-8.fc6
vnc-server                      4.1.2-8.fc6
vorbis-tools                    1.1.1-3.fc6
vte                             0.14.1-1.fc6
wireshark                       0.99.4-1.fc6
wpa_supplicant                  0.4.9-1.fc6
xorg-x11-drv-ati                6.6.3-1.fc6
xorg-x11-drv-i810               1.6.5-10.fc6
xorg-x11-drv-s3                 0.5.0-1.fc6
xorg-x11-drv-tdfx               1.3.0-2.fc6
xorg-x11-server-sdk             1.1.1-47.2.fc6
xorg-x11-server-Xdmx            1.1.1-47.2.fc6
xorg-x11-server-Xnest           1.1.1-47.2.fc6
xorg-x11-server-Xorg            1.1.1-47.2.fc6
xorg-x11-server-Xvfb            1.1.1-47.2.fc6
xorg-x11-xinit                  1.0.2-15.fc6
xsane                           0.991-4.fc6
yelp                            2.16.0-10.fc6
ypbind                          1.19-6.fc6
yum                             3.0.1-2.fc6

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