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Re: [K12OSN] Quicktime challenge and FOSS support

Timothy Hart wrote:

Makes me wish that Apple would just support and Linux version of
Quicktime. Wishful thinking.

I believe it is perfectly possible to play Quicktime files on Linux. Ok, it's not officially supported by Apple, but it works. That being said, I'd say better encode an open source podcast using an open source encoder like Ogg.


On 12/23/06, Alan Hodson <ahodson elp rr com> wrote:
Hi folks

If you have a system that can run Quicktime and have 1/2 hour or so to listen to an Open Source podcast (http://tinyurl.com/yjl88b ) please do so. The debate after the podcast has gone south, and it may be in need
of a set of fresh eyes and opinions. We've all expressed our opinions
verbally - maybe you can help FOSS in writing.
Happy Holidays
Alan Hodson
TOSS Foundation
El Paso, TX

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