[K12OSN] DHCP on a different port..... was 'The Dreaded DHCP.....'

Bert Rolston bert.rolston at clear.net.nz
Wed Dec 27 22:59:07 UTC 2006

Hi folks,

As I understand it, based on the snippets below, 

- I could run the LTSP DHCP server on a network with an MS DHCP server

- There wouldn't be any conflicts between the two DHCP servers

- MS clients would get their IP address from the MS DHCP server, and 
  any LTSP terminals would get their IP address from the LTSP server

By creating custom boot rom images on the Rom-O-Matic website that use
the port I have chosen, the LTSP thin clients will connect to the Linux
DHCP server, NOT the MS DHCP server.

Therefore, in THEORY, I could put a single nic LTSP server into an
existing MS network without any disruption to their current

If this is the case it fits the criteria set by someone who is
investigating the use of LTSP, and has approached me for help.

Is my theory sound or have I missed something.

Thanks for your time.

Bert Rolston

> Barry:Hi...four lines really necessary ..one each defining the options as
> text or string .option 128 is absolutely necessary..so that option 129 is
> read...

> ive been using port 1001/2 for five years in my schools..i can post those
> liness to you if you'd like when i get home..chuck
> > Cliebow,

> like this..
> option option-128 code 128=string;
> option option-129 code 129=text;
> option option-128	e4:45:74:68:00:00;
> option option-129	"DPORT=1001";

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