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Re: [K12OSN] Elementary school software needs...

I'd try to give them the whole list of packages under Edutainment and Games in Gnome. To only give them what they ask for or only what we think of misses a great opportunity I think. *THAT'S* the power of Linux and LTSP, that it makes the cost of computing so cheap and ubiquitous that you can throw all kinds of stuff out there so that people can discover things we haven't even thought of. For example, say Gcompris appeals to only one or two kids in a given class; under the usual approach, those two kids won't get Gcompris because it's too expensive, too much administrative hassle to setup and maintain a program that only two kids are interested in, even if those would be great tools for those kids. But with K12LTSP, it is practical, affordable, and manageable.

So, I'd let them see all all those apps. I haven't looked into it yet, but it would be nice to build a script that reads all the parameters for those programs from the Gnome menus and builds a corresponding menu for use with IceWM. Anyone know offhand what file(s) Gnome stores that info in? IOW, what does alacarte read to show the existing menu structure?


Huck wrote:
This is my first elementary school setup...
from Preschool to 8th grade.

Am I missing any pertinent software in my menus?
(keep in mind the teacher have ONLY used what meager resources they had in the past to teach typing and write papers)

I have setup menu items for:

openoffice(all components)
the gimp
gcompris(for the little dudes)
firefox(just installed 2.0 via the following *worked like a charm*:
wget http://remi.collet.free.fr/rpms/fc6.i386/remi-release-1-2.fc6.remi.noarch.rpm
rpm -Uvh remi-release-1-1.fc6.remi.noarch.rpm
yum --enable-repo=development update firefox

connect 4, jezzball, mahjongg, minesweeper, solitare, and hangman ;)

they gotta have SOME entertainment no? :)

are there any uber-vital apps for elementary kids that I've missed? TuxType/TuxMath?


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