[K12OSN] 64 bit advantages of K12LTSP

Mike Ely mely at rogueriver.k12.or.us
Sun Feb 12 22:13:27 UTC 2006

cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us wrote
> Kids are very happy with K12LTSP , after having had for three years now.
> Its the teachers that are very offish on using it,it seems. I think one
> thing they can not get is the Linux appliactions opening slower than
> Winders, the network "seems" kinda laggy, but of course once the app has
> been opened,the impending instances pop up as fast as Windows applications
> open. Im wondering if the 64 bit versions, would alleviate this a bit?
> Anyone care to comment?

I'm wondering if there's a "preload" package for K12LTSP out there. 
It's on another distro that I use, and it works wonders for application 
load times.  True, it does add an extra 20-30 seconds to 
shutdown/reboot, but it'd be well worth it if it could help client apps 
load quicker.


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