[K12OSN] *DHCP Questions*

Paul VanGundy vangundypw at sau14.k12.nh.us
Mon Feb 13 13:36:48 UTC 2006


I have a DHCP question because I think I am making thinks more confusing
for myself than they should be. I will tell you what our current setup
is and then what I would like. 

Our current setup is a Windows ADS domain with a Windows DHCP server
handing out leases. We also have a K12LTSP server authenticating against
the Windows ADS so that users can have the same sign on for the
terminals as they do the Windows boxes. Here's the issue though, we have
both K12LTSP and Windows DHCP server on the same network so both are
handing out leases. Computers that get leases from the K12LTSP server
aren't working. Now we come to my question...

How can I get K12LTSP to point to the Windows DHCP server unless it is a
client booting via bootp or pxe and vice versa (Windows DHCP server
point to K12LTSP when it is a bootp or pxe request)? On the other hand,
is it possible to have K12LTSP do all DHCP for the network and if so how
would the DHCP conf file look? Any and all help would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks.


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