[K12OSN] david trask:re sme7 dans and ldap

Petre Scheie petre at maltzen.net
Mon Feb 13 19:35:55 UTC 2006

Julian Yap wrote:
> I've only been on this list for a short while but I think there should
> be a K12OSN Wiki setup because a lot of the questions I read tend to be
> of the same variety and could be solved by checking there first.  For
> example, MANY questions are in regards to K12LTSP and sound.  Just an
> observation.  Thoughts?

Do you mean like this one:


I'll agree it's a bit hard to find if one is new to the project.  www.k12ltsp.org points 
to a page that includes links to the K12LTSP project and a bunch of others, so one could 
get lost there; that's one barrier.  Then when one does click on the 'Enter K12LTSP.org' 
link, it brings up a page that has a good short description of LTSP.  But the link to 
documentation and the wiki is labeled 'FAQs and more' which assumes everyone knows what 
FAQ stands for, which they may not.  I think a better word would be 'Documentation'. 
That's barrier number two.  So, click on 'FAQs and more' and you get a lengthy page that 
has many good answers on it, but hasn't been updated in a while.  If you start scrolling 
down the page right away, you may miss the link to the wiki at the top of the page, 
assuming you know what a wiki is and why you'd want to click on the link.  Barrier 
number three.

To be fair, this is a volunteer project; there's no marketing department whose job it is 
to make sure newcomers can easily find the wiki.  And before the wiki was added, the 
docs that were available were handled by a small handful of 
VERY-generous-with-their-time, hardworking folks.  That was part of the point of having 
the wiki, allowing everyone to contribute, and I think it works pretty well.  I just 
wish it were easier for people to find.  Perhaps the 'FAQs and more' link on 
http://k12ltsp.org/contents.html could be relabeled 'Documentation' and rather than link 
to the FAQ list, have it link to a wiki page (not THE wiki page, A wiki page) which 
could then have links to the FAQ list, the K12LTSP wiki, LTSP's documentation, LTSP's 
wiki, etc.  If it's a wiki page then any of us could update it; I'd be willing; I'm 
trying not to just make work for Paul).


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