Lachlan Simpson lachlan.simpson at wilderness.org.au
Tue Feb 14 00:21:09 UTC 2006


I used to have a computer in my office doing LTSP/DHCP for our LAN that was a K12 box.

I inherited this box, and the only thing I could find out about it was that there was a 
file in /etc called "redhat-release" that claimed it was shrike (red hat 9)

The rest of our network is Windows, including a Win2K file/print/DNS server and a debian 
firewall.the LTSP box was also a backup server, via rsync and was serving Win desktops to 
two or three thin clients.

So I wanted to upgrade the LTSP server to Debian for standardisation resons, and to keep 
updating it fairly simple.

I used the docs that can be found here:

All's cool, although I have no thin clients working yet, I think it's to do with Xfree86 
v Xorg probs.

My real question is:

Does LTSP have DNS installed/conf'd?

I have a copy of the old LTSP server's /etc/ and there's no "bind" folder.

The reason I ask is because whereas previously my M$ AD recognised the K12LTSP box as a 
DHCP server, I now cannot get the AD to recognise the Debian box as the DHCP server, and 
I'm wondering if I've done something wrong, or missed some stuff that might be hidden 
away in the K12LTSP that I missed?

Any help on this matter would be appreciated



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