Sudev Barar sbarar at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 02:28:23 UTC 2006

On 2/14/06, Lachlan Simpson <lachlan.simpson at wilderness.org.au> wrote:
> My real question is:
> Does LTSP have DNS installed/conf'd?

No. Not own its own like k12ltsp, which uses /etc/hosts for definig
all the local name/IP pairs.

> I have a copy of the old LTSP server's /etc/ and there's no "bind" folder.
I think you should be looking at /etc/named.conf for all DNS setups.

> The reason I ask is because whereas previously my M$ AD recognised the K12LTSP box as a
> DHCP server, I now cannot get the AD to recognise the Debian box as the DHCP server, and
> I'm wondering if I've done something wrong, or missed some stuff that might be hidden
> away in the K12LTSP that I missed?

Are you looking at DHCP or DNS setup? AFAIK under debian you need to
download and install the services that you want. So "apt-get install
dhcp3" may be what you need to do followed with edit of

Sudev Barar
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