[K12OSN] GuardDog and K12LTSP

mark at ehle.homelinux.org mark at ehle.homelinux.org
Tue Feb 14 15:41:03 UTC 2006

Hello, Folks -

I have a very small (2 clients so far) K12LTSP system set up at the library that
I work at. Right now, the clients that hang off the server are used for the
Library Catalog. I am using fluxbox, and need to display a telnet screen and a
firefox screen. So far, it all works great, but I need to make sure that the
patrons, some of whom are rather evil when it comes to trying to mess with the
network, from telnet-ing anywhere else but the catalog server.

My favorite firewall front-end is Guarddog. Can I install it on K12LTSP and use
it without messing up anything that makes the LTSP stuff work? I did a
iptables-save on the server and it lookes like there is not much going on,

Thanks -


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