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David Ackerman dackerman at apnts.org
Thu Feb 16 06:35:47 UTC 2006

Thanks for the information.  I have run the scripts below.  This solved the
problem of the screen locking.  Another question:

How can I make it so that the desktop automatically logs off after a set
time after a person leaves?  I would like it so that if a person forgets to
logout, the computer does it for them (like MS Windows).  Thus, after an "X"
amount of time, the original K12LTSP login screen appears, not the screen
saver locked screen.

The problem with the old system (default setup), a new person could not
change the login name if the old person left and allowed the screen to lock.
A new person could only put in the password, which is a problem with user
accounts.  A person would have to reset the computer (ctrl-alt-backspace).
That is ok, just takes a few minutes to boot back up.


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On Wed, 1 Feb 2006, William Fragakis wrote:

> iirc, you also need to edit the file
> /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults/XScreenSaver.ltsp
> I may be totally wrong on this but this file is for the clients, the other
> the server. Editing this one seems to do it for us.
> regards,
> William

/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults/XScreenSaver.ltsp is a backup of the
stock/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults/XScreenSaver. The XScreenSaver
file is modified by the K12LTSP intialization scripts.


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>> David Ackerman wrote:
>>> 1.  I am having problems with screensaver locking:
>> You could turn off the locking mechanism on the screensaver. Eric posted
>> this in August:
>> I'm guessing that if you edit:
>> /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults/XScreenSaver
>> and  change the "*lock:" and "*lockVTs:" entries from:
>>      *lock:                  True
>>      *lockVTs:               False
>> to:
>>      *lock:                  False
>>      *lockVTs:               True
>> Mike

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