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We have around 350 employees.  Payroll is pretty complex in the school
system.  There is a lot of detailed information that they track.  I am
sure that HR would complain if they had to do more steps than they are
currently doing to calculate/enter payroll.  Thanks for the information
on the other products.


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> On Fri, Feb 17, 2006 10:57 AM rmcdaniel at indata.us said:
> >> 
> >> I looked at SQL Ledger and it does look nice, simple interface.
> >> It doesn't have a payroll module and unfortunately we do that
> >> inhouse.  I haven't seen any programs that have the payroll
> >> module.  I appreciate all that have sent input on this subject.
> How big (number of employees) and how complicated (tax jurisdictions) is
> your payroll?  Would it be possible to calculate the information outside
> of SQL Ledger and then transfer the data and print checks?
> There's an open source payroll system called Paythyme
> (http://paythyme.com/) but sadly, it only supports UK businesses at this
> point.  I wonder how much work it would be to convert it to the US
> rules, etc.
> I also found this one - http://www.pangeasoft.net/payroll/ but I don't
> really know anything about it.  Looks like it may only calculate federal
> payroll which isn't really all you need (or even the trickiest part).
> Even if you had to keep a stand-alone Windows box with a payroll package
> on it, if that would output data that you could copy and import into SQL
> Ledger (that part you'd probably have to code yourself), it would be a
> good first step.  Then, when something becomes available, you'll be set
> to add it.
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> Henry
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