[K12OSN] sound using esd does not work on 4.4.1

Krsnendu Dasa krsnendu at orcon.net.nz
Fri Feb 17 20:47:42 UTC 2006

The options are set in the following file.

I am not sure if it is in 4.4.1 It may have already been written into 
the system as a default.

norm hanna wrote:

> Thanks for the guidance.  It is frustrating, but yes, my installation 
> seems to run inversely from the documentation.
> I will try to specify the name/ipaddress of the client in the settings 
> for xmms and see what happens, I know how to do that.
> You have mentioned turning on the "sound hacks" option.....This is the 
> first that I have heard of the "sound hacks".  Could you please tell 
> me what I must run or configure to turn on the "sound hacks"?  How do 
> I see if the "sound hacks" are enabled?
> Norm
> ----------------------------------------------------
> Generally in LTSP when logged in as root sound is not sent to clients; 
> sound is only sent when logged in as a user. You seem to have turned 
> it the other way around. Try logging in as user run xmms and specify 
> the name/ip address of the client in the settings and see what happens.
>Krsnendu dasa
> P.S. I have a 4.4.1 sandbox but I have not really tested the sound on 
> it yet. I also considered it for the sound feature. At the same time I 
> installed the sandbox I also turned on the "sound hacks" option in my 
> production 4.2.0 server and now sound works well. xmms, tuxmath, flash 
> websites, Mplayer, etc. Haven't got WINE sound working yet...
>norm hanna wrote:
> Sorry for going over this again, but I have a sound issue on the 
> clients (which is the driving factor towards moving to 4.4.1) In the 
> test thjn client, I am having difficulties with sound using esd and 
> gnome under version 4.4.1. The test server was built by taking all the 
> defaults in the 4.4.1 installation. I have also tried with all 
> defaults and yum -y upgrade with exact same results. Both the thin 
> client and the server have the same sound integrated i810_audio. When 
> I log into the thin client as root, sound works well under xmms, 
> rhythmbox (with gstreamer-plugins), gstreamer-properties, sounds from 
> the sound server under gnome, etc.....even the volume controls show 
> up. esdplay /usr/share/sounds/phone.wav works well. using "tcpdump | 
> grep 16001" on the server console when running the command esdplay 
> /usr/share/sounds/phone.wav on the thin clien , I see a lot of 
> activity. but when I login as any user, nothing works. using 
> gstreamer-properties, when I test esd, nothing. esdplay 
> /usr/share/sounds/phone.wav, nothing. I do not get errors from 
> esdplay, gstreamer-properties test returns "failed to construct test 
> pipeline for "ESD - Enlightenment Sound Daemon" "tcpdump | grep 16001" 
> does not return any activity. I think this is a rights issue, or setup 
> of esd, but I am unable to locate / or solve the issue. Any help, 
> guidence would be appreciated.
>I thank you in advance for any assistance solving this issue,
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