[K12OSN] which XSERVER for riva128?

Robert Arkiletian robark at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 04:13:38 UTC 2006

On 1/31/06, Petre Scheie <petre at maltzen.net> wrote:
> I've got a client workstation that can't seem to start its X server.
> When X tries to start, it fails but  reports that the machine has a
> RIVA128 chip but it can't seem to start the X server (I forget the
> actual error message).  I'm suprised that the XFree 4 drivers won't
> work.  In any event, I can hardcode the X server for this workstation.
> Does anyone know which one I should use for the RIVA128?

Yes, all my clients are RIVA128. The driver is "nv" but "auto" works
just fine so I don't think you need to hardcode the driver. I bet the
problem you are having is that the RIVA128 does not support 16 bit
color. Your have to use 24 bit, which looks better anyway.

Here is a cut/paste from x.org

"nv  is an Xorg driver for NVIDIA video cards. The driver supports 2D
acceleration and provides support for the following framebuffer
depths: 8, 15, 16 (except Riva128) and 24. All visual types are
supported for depth 8, TrueColor and DirectColor visuals are supported
for the other depths with the exception of the Riva128 which only
supports TrueColor in the higher depths."
Robert Arkiletian
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