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[K12OSN] Screensaver Login Problem

I am setting up a small lab of 5-10 clients with K12ltsp server.  I have two immediate questions.


1.  I am having problems with screensaver locking:


People leave without logging out.  The screen saver comes on after a bit.  The only option is to put in the password of the person who left without logging off.  A person cannot change the account name; no cursor, only option is to know the password of the person logged on.  If a person does not do this, the client is more or less stuck.  A person would have to do a hard restart of the client.  I did figure out a quick reboot with control-alt-backspace, but I don’t like this option and it will confuse people.  How can I make it so that the client automatically logs out after a set period of time, perhaps when the screen saver comes on?  Can the desktop automatically be saved with an auto-logout?


I am relatively new at linux, so simple, direct or complete answers would really help me resolve this.  I could not find anything in the forum archives to really help me with this.  I can find some technical assistant nearby, though.


2.       We want to put the K12 server in a separate building but access it from across out campus (at least 2 locations at this point but others in the future).  We cannot dedicate a vlan solely to K12 because there are some windows xp machines on it as well.  How can we make it so that the thin clients can boot to the k12 server and the K12 server not mess up the Windows machines?  Would the Windows machines pick up their IP from the K12 server?  Could the two simultaneously be on the same vlan?


I think this really looks promising for our school which has no money for new hardware.  Any help would be appreciated.


David Ackerman


Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary


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