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Re: [K12OSN] Screensaver Login Problem

David Ackerman wrote:

2. We want to put the K12 server in a separate building but access it from across out campus (at least 2 locations at this point but others in the future). We cannot dedicate a vlan solely to K12 because there are some windows xp machines on it as well. How can we make it so that the thin clients can boot to the k12 server and the K12 server not mess up the Windows machines? Would the Windows machines pick up their IP from the K12 server? Could the two simultaneously be on the same vlan?

Yes, the Windows machines can get their IP addresses from the K12 server with no ill effects; they just ignore all the info that's provided for the thin clients. Make sure you only have one DHCP server on any given network segment. If your K12 server is providing addresses on the same network as some other DHCP server you will have major problems. K12 is designed to have two network cards in the server: one to connect to the existing network, and the other to connect to the thin clients. The DHCP server only provides addresses on the thin client segment. If you have Windows boxes on this segment, they'll be just fine as mentioned above.


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