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[K12OSN] what does /usr/bin/ltspinfo do?

I've noticed for several months that when I ssh into a k12ltsp box from a remote location, that while I get connected quickly, it takes about 60 seconds before I get a prompt. I've traced the problem to the call to ltspinfo in /etc/profile.d/ltsp.sh which is sourced during login. Here's the line:

eval `/usr/bin/ltspinfo -h $LTSP_CLIENT -c all 2> /dev/null`

Since I'm coming from a remote location, rather than a client, I'm guessing that $LTSP_CLIENT, which holds the address of where I'm coming from, and therefore is not part of the client subnet, is causing the trouble; the problem does not occur when I ssh in from a machine on the same local network as the server. Is this command trying to talk to ltspinfod on my remote machine? Since I'm not a thin client, it doesn't exist, and presumably the above eventually times out waiting for an answer that will never come. But that doesn't explain why I don't have the same problem when I connect from a non-thin-clint machine that is on the same subnet. Anyone seeing this problem?


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