[K12OSN] dmesg strange output

cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us
Thu Feb 2 02:57:10 UTC 2006

Hello List,

Just wondering if anyone would have any ideas,on why one of the servers we
have gives this output when i run dmesg on it? It has output like this
from start to end,with nothing meaningfull mixed in?

 20*4kB 20*8kB 8*16kB 5*32kB 3*64kB 0*128kB 2*256kB 0*512kB 0*1024kB
0*2048kB 0*4096kB = 1232kB
HighMem: empty
Swap cache: add 427919, delete 427285, find 6564/10034, race 0+0
Out of Memory: Killed process 10611 (xine).
oom-killer: gfp_mask=0x1d2
DMA per-cpu:
cpu 0 hot: low 2, high 6, batch 1
cpu 0 cold: low 0, high 2, batch 1
Normal per-cpu:
cpu 0 hot: low 32, high 96, batch 16
cpu 0 cold: low 0, high 32, batch 16
HighMem per-cpu: empty

Free pages:        1244kB (0kB HighMem)
Active:370949 inactive:8257 dirty:0 writeback:0 unstable:0 free:311
slab:4256 mapped:378656 pagetables:2029
DMA free:12kB min:12kB low:24kB high:36kB active:12700kB inactive:0kB
protections[]: 0 0 0
Normal free:1232kB min:1236kB low:2472kB high:3708kB active:1471096kB
inactive:33028kB present:1556416kB
protections[]: 0 0 0
HighMem free:0kB min:128kB low:256kB high:384kB active:0kB inactive:0kB pr


Barry Cisna

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