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[K12OSN] gnome-settings-daemon and esd-sound

The two questions in the topic is not related. I think.

I am using icewm, and I see that gnome-settings-daemon is started. What exactly does this do?

Also, when using esd for sound, what takes of care sending oss sound through esd?

The reason for asking is that I am testing a Skolelinux LTSP server (Debian). I know this is off-topic, but please forgive me. I am trying to port some K12LTSP spesific things over to the Skolelinux server. I have also looked at Ubuntu and Edubuntu.

Now, when I set up esd as sound daemon, I get sound from xmms and mplayer when I set esound as sound-system. Gcompris and Tuxmath reports "no sound" and do not play anything. I suspect this is because they use oss and it does not get redirected to esd.

When I choose nasd, I get everything playing, but after installing libaudiooss. Is there a similar "glue" to make oss play through esd, like libaudiooss does this for nas?

I know this is not K12LTSP spesific, but I am asking anyway since the general Linux knowledge here is awesome.

Best regards

Trond Maehlum

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