[K12OSN] Re: OSX home directories on a K12LTSP server?

James P Schwankl schwankl at chatham.k12.nc.us
Sat Feb 4 03:56:12 UTC 2006

Eric Harrison wrote:

> Has anyone setup roaming profiles on Apple OSX clients stored on a
> K12LTSP server? (i.e. Netatalk, NFS, or Samba?)
> Any tips or tricks you can spare? ;-)


I have to second Shawn and say that I used Jim's directions for the OS X part. Makes use of NFS. You lose resource forks by storing stuff on non-HFS(+) formatted drives, but unless your users are using a lot of Classic apps, that shouldn't be too great a problem.  If OTOH your users do have a lot of Classic apps that rely on the resource for to know what app opens a particular document, then it may be worthwhile to try to get something going with Netatalk. I believe that the latest Netatalk actually does AFP rather than Appletalk, so it's not like the OS X machines will have to have Appletalk turned on.

I used David and Matt's Samba/LDAP script to back when it was made for FC3. I'm really only using the LDAP part since that particular school is all Mac, but it works great.



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