[K12OSN] How to convert a server from two NICs to one NIC

Doug Simpson veewee77 at alltel.net
Sat Feb 4 17:23:57 UTC 2006

Just let the LTS server do all dhcp and set the dns in the dhcp 
configuration for the DNS and let the wireless router just do it's 
wireless thing and act as a switch for the wired ones.

Works great this way.


You will have to set an ip manually on the linksys, but set it at one 
number below the LTSP and exclude that number from the DHCP range.
Leave the two NICs in the server set up just as they are. Eth0 goes to 
switch andeht1 goes to internet.


Petre Scheie wrote:

> What's the best way of converting a two-NIC server to a single NIC?  
> Or more precisely, moving the DHCP service from eth0 to eth1?
> I've got a two-NIC server that is having trouble using the DNS info 
> coming from a Linksys WRT54G which is connected to the internet.  
> Here's a crude diagram:
> Internet---Linksys---ltsp server---switch---clients
>             |
>             |---clients
>  My plan is to switch them around so the server is connected to the 
> internet (there's a firewall in between there) and use the Linksys as 
> just a WAP by not plugging anything into its upstream port.  Not being 
> certain I can make this work, I may have to leave the Linksys as the 
> primary internet gateway, and just turn off its DHCP service, and let 
> the ltsp server provide DHCP.  In this case, I don't want the ltsp 
> server to act as a gateway; rather, I'll need it to be/act like a 
> single-nic server and still point to the Linksys as the default 
> gateway.  The server's already running and providing file and print 
> services, so I don't want to rebuild it.  If I have to go this route, 
> I think it's just a matter of having the ltsp server's DHCP service 
> running on eth1 instead of eth0 where it is now.  Can I make that 
> happen by just changing all the addresses using in /etc/dhcpd.conf?
> Petre
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