[K12OSN] Re: nx client gets error 204

cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us
Sun Feb 5 16:49:08 UTC 2006

Thanks, Petre, Tim, cliebow,

With your suggestions,,and some persiverence, I got NX working!! yeehaw!
I downed the nx/feenx packages from the Rick Stout website,and downed the
Client(1.5.0),from the nomachine website.
What I was missing, duuuhhhh was the Key in the client view "appeared" to
be identical to the id_dsa.key on the server ,but dumb me didnt try to
"manually importing" the server key ,into the client/then Save & OK.
Once i got the id_rsa.key off of the server the client connected pronto.
ALso as a sidenote,from the LTSP/WIKI/howto for setting up NX, i found the
nx user's password WAS locked,but was unable to unlock it but I was still
able to connect,even with this being the case.

Now for another Q?. IS anyone else's monitor with NX showing strange
black/multicolored areas,right around all of the icons?. Ive tryed a few
different display settings,and they all come up with the same results.
Also some windows show strange colors around the borders and some text
looks smudged.
Im hoping I can get this peice working, so teachers may be more inclined
to access Linux from their Winders boxes,with being able to put shortcuts
for NX on their desktops. Its hard to teach old dogs new tricks, ya know.
Ive been able to get a few to use VNC,but NX keeps their username/password
in one click,so Im hoping this is a help to them.

Thank You,

Barry CIsna

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