[K12OSN] web filtering with SquidGuard

RiE roger.in.eugene at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 21:01:48 UTC 2006

> One of the primary places I was finding the students were going to is
> www.proxy.org - it's sort of a clearinghouse for the open proxy sites.
> Once that's blocked, they'll have to google or otherwise search around.
>   I found that leaving that site open, and then actually catching the
> kids in the act of bypassing the filter had an immediate and notable
> effect on behavior.  Here's my trick for that:
> tail -f /var/log/squid/access.log | grep proxy

I've had proxy.org blocked for a while.   I use 'less'.  If you type
'less access.log', then hit "shift-F", it will 'follow' the file.  
The reason I like less, I can stop the following with a control-c,
then do a reverse search with $.   Or, I can do a regular search with
With less, you can use | to search for multiple items.   I'll
sometimes run a search for proxy|privacy|secure, then press shift-f,
then if any of those terms shows up, it will be highlighted.

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