[K12OSN] Smb-ldap admin interface and hardware recommendations (Julian Yap)

Matt Oquist moquist at majen.net
Wed Feb 8 17:37:22 UTC 2006

> From: Julian Yap <julian_yap at yahoo.com>
> Subject: [K12OSN] Smb-ldap admin interface and hardware recommendations
> I then tried out installing smb-ldap on Debian Linux (sarge) using
> OpenLDAP and Samba.  To start of with, I only found 1 site which
> actually had instructions for installing OpenLDAP on Debian.  After 2
> days of trying to get it to work, I gave up.  There's more I could say
> but I won't.

Hi Julian,

Did you try the Smbldap Installer from http://majen.net/smbldap/?
It has Ubuntu support, but I've never tested it on Debian.  It should
make the installation process quite easy, and if it doesn't already
work for Debian it should be pretty easy to get it to.

It sounds like you've settled on CentOS, but if you try Debian again
for any reason and you try the Smbldap Installer, please let me know
how it goes.

I agree with you that the administration interfaces available for
OpenLDAP are not mature, and it's my personal hope that Samba4 is
going to fill this gap soon by providing an integrated Samba/LDAP
solution with [more] robust and mature administration tools.


Open Source Software Engineering Consultant
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