[K12OSN] 2 Questions- No volume control and TV card...

Jim Christiansen christiansen_j at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 9 04:22:59 UTC 2006

I've just purchased 22 HPt5515 clients for a great price of $125 each and 
they are new!!  WooHoo.

Sooo  I plugged it into my home network and with a little help form cliebow 
got it up pretty fast.  I'm listening to cbc.ca live radio right now but 
can't seem to adjust the volume from the client.  When I choose the volume 
control from the gnome applications taskbar/sound & video I just get an 
error on the screen:  No volume control elements and/or devices found.

Is there a way to get a volume control??

I also have a TV card in this K12LTSP 4.4.2 server and wonder if anyone 
knows how to watch it from a client??

Thanks,, jim

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