[K12OSN] Smb-ldap admin interface and hardware recommendations

Brian Chivers brian at portsmouth-college.ac.uk
Thu Feb 9 10:30:18 UTC 2006

I use a mixture of LAM & JXplorer, JXplorer is really good for just simple tweaks.


Julian Yap wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just a quick update on my smb-ldap testing.
> I managed to get Samba working with Fedora Directory Server as the
> backend according to the instructions that were on their wiki.  It was a
> relatively simple exercise and I was satisfied that it worked in
> practice.
> I then tried out installing smb-ldap on Debian Linux (sarge) using
> OpenLDAP and Samba.  To start of with, I only found 1 site which
> actually had instructions for installing OpenLDAP on Debian.  After 2
> days of trying to get it to work, I gave up.  There's more I could say
> but I won't.
> By now I felt I had a better understanding of Samba and LDAP so I
> installed it on CentOS and it's working fine for me.
> I'm up to the part now where I'm evaluating web-based admin interfaces.
> Right now I'm using smbldap-tools which is fine for the command-line but
> not practical for the long run and for administration to be done by
> others.
> I tried out IDEALX Management concole with samba-console today but ran
> into errors and annoyances like:
>  - Login session timeouts requiring a browser restart.
>  - IDEALX supplies a SSL certificate that has expired.
>  - Display of certain screens is messed up.  eg. User screen.
>  - Errors for some parts and the login button at the top right doesn't
> work.
> Basically, it's not a mature solution.
> What are the other solutions people have used?  I'm looking into testing
> out LDAP Account Manager (http://lam.sourceforge.net/) shortly.
> My second question to the list was about hardware and recommendations.
> We're about to buy the hardware for out smb-ldap solution.  This would
> be for ~330 students and I'm not sure how many teachers.
> I just wanted to quickly ask what were the hardware specs on your main
> PDC?  Would you recommend more RAM?  Would you recommend a 15000rpm SCSI
> drives as opposed to a pair of cheaper serial Hard disk drives with
> software raid?
> We were thinking of an Athlon 64, 2GB RAM, 36.7GB 15k RPM SCSI.  We
> would initially also use this to store the home folders and profiles. As
> our needs grow, would add more file servers.
> Thanks,
> Julian
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