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Re: [K12OSN] 2 Questions- No volume control and TV card...

Remember since you are using LTSP that when you are in X you are looking a display of the server. The X server running on the client is sending video and keyboard input to the server and the server sends the display to your client. So the sound, disks, etc that you see in LTSP are the ones on the server by default. I don't remember if the default gnome volume control will let you use ESD as the source instead of the hardware (ALSA/OSS). If it does, then you'd have to change that setting in the pref, or maybe even in gconf, I'm not sure. Also, you also need to be running a sound server, just like you need to have file shares enables on the client in order to use local devices/disks.

On Feb 9, 2006, at 11:42 AM, Krsnendu Dasa wrote:

How do you do that? Can ESD send volume info to the client? It would be good if there was a volume control interface that came on the screen to control volume on the client, but I haven't seen it. Is there such a thing?

Burke Almquist wrote:

You need to let the gnome application applet know that you are using ESD or NASD.

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