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[K12OSN] Any network sound gurus out there that can help?

Hi Mike,

For K12LTSP  v4.4.1 you should only need the following in the lts.conf
file to have your clients able to get sound,( providing they each have a
sound card that is detected at bootup)/ PCI cards makes it much easier.

SOUND        = Y
SOUND_DAEMON = "esd" # make sure you have "" quotes here
VOLUME       = 75

Then open xmms player from Start>Sound & Video > Audio Player,> menu and
go to Options,> Preferences and change output plugin to esd  (default is
In xmms browse to the /usr/share/sounds folder to grab a sound file real
quick to do a test. You should get sound"Waves" showing on the xmms
player,as well as output through your client connected speakers.
We always use Gnome,and I know there are some differences between the way
Gnome and KDE DM initializes sound cards/modules. You might try Gnome
first so you know this much is working. I guess I'll have to see if this
works via KDE as well.

Hope this helps.

Barry Cisna

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