[K12OSN] 64 bit advantages of K12LTSP

cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us
Sun Feb 12 16:15:57 UTC 2006

Hello K12LTSPer's,

Could someone that has used the 64 bit versions of K12LTSP, give some
insight on any noticecible advantages over 32 bit OS? We have upped our
backbone at school to gigabyte and I think maybe 64 bit processor is the
way to go from now on. Im sure with gigabyte nics in the server combined
with 64 bit I/O ,I would think the clients would undoubtly be snappier. 64
bit server with gigabyte nics, gigabyte backbone, 10/100 room
switches,would be our scenario. It seems Ive read were some people have
had little glitches when using the 64 versions,but Im guessing this can be
overcome,with some config changes,etc.
Even before upping our backbone to gigabyte K12LTSP was very decent as far
as access speed. We did have some old 10 MB switches in rooms that finally
all got changed out to 10/100 MB. Poor people have poor ways:)
Kids are very happy with K12LTSP , after having had for three years now.
Its the teachers that are very offish on using it,it seems. I think one
thing they can not get is the Linux appliactions opening slower than
Winders, the network "seems" kinda laggy, but of course once the app has
been opened,the impending instances pop up as fast as Windows applications
open. Im wondering if the 64 bit versions, would alleviate this a bit?
Anyone care to comment?


Barry Cisna

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