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Re: [K12OSN] 64 bit advantages of K12LTSP

On Sun, 2006-02-12 at 10:15 -0600, cisna-barry wc235 k12 il us wrote:
> Hello K12LTSPer's,
> Could someone that has used the 64 bit versions of K12LTSP, give some
> insight on any noticecible advantages over 32 bit OS? 

I have not used 64 bit K12LTSP so don't take anything I say as directly
applicable :-)...

In general, 64 bit AMD/Intel hardware is faster than the 32 bit x86
chips because it has more registers in the CPU.  However, 64 bit
processors are inherently less memory efficient than 32 bit
architectures so more memory is needed for a 64 bit version of an
application than a 32 bit version.  Since memory is often an issue in
ltsp, a 64 bit server might not actually be faster for you.  If you are
willing to put more memory into the 64 bit servers than the 32 bit ones
then that won't be an issue.


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