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Re: [K12OSN] david trask:re sme7 dans and ldap

Julian Yap wrote:
I've only been on this list for a short while but I think there should
be a K12OSN Wiki setup because a lot of the questions I read tend to be
of the same variety and could be solved by checking there first.  For
example, MANY questions are in regards to K12LTSP and sound.  Just an
observation.  Thoughts?

Do you mean like this one:


I'll agree it's a bit hard to find if one is new to the project. www.k12ltsp.org points to a page that includes links to the K12LTSP project and a bunch of others, so one could get lost there; that's one barrier. Then when one does click on the 'Enter K12LTSP.org' link, it brings up a page that has a good short description of LTSP. But the link to documentation and the wiki is labeled 'FAQs and more' which assumes everyone knows what FAQ stands for, which they may not. I think a better word would be 'Documentation'. That's barrier number two. So, click on 'FAQs and more' and you get a lengthy page that has many good answers on it, but hasn't been updated in a while. If you start scrolling down the page right away, you may miss the link to the wiki at the top of the page, assuming you know what a wiki is and why you'd want to click on the link. Barrier number three.

To be fair, this is a volunteer project; there's no marketing department whose job it is to make sure newcomers can easily find the wiki. And before the wiki was added, the docs that were available were handled by a small handful of VERY-generous-with-their-time, hardworking folks. That was part of the point of having the wiki, allowing everyone to contribute, and I think it works pretty well. I just wish it were easier for people to find. Perhaps the 'FAQs and more' link on http://k12ltsp.org/contents.html could be relabeled 'Documentation' and rather than link to the FAQ list, have it link to a wiki page (not THE wiki page, A wiki page) which could then have links to the FAQ list, the K12LTSP wiki, LTSP's documentation, LTSP's wiki, etc. If it's a wiki page then any of us could update it; I'd be willing; I'm trying not to just make work for Paul).


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