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[K12OSN] Re: K12OSN Digest, Vol 24, Issue 14


I am stuck with an ADS infrastructure (Exchange is entrenched) for the moment.  I disabled my Windows DHCP server and use one of my Linux servers for DHCP.  Using Linux DHCP allows you to have if/else statements within the configuration file, so your server can hand out a PXE or other type of boot image (ie: using etherboot) automatically rather than having to specify PXE or etherboot images, and then overiding specific clients (if you were using Winders DHCP).  I've run it for at least a year and a half with no problems.

Handing off the servers... depending on the size of the school and if you do not want to go around manually renewing IP addresses to get people on the new  Linux DHCP server, you might want to setup an IP pool on each server that does not overlap (you probably don't want to change subnets/networks... ick.).  Then you can shut off the Windows DHCP server and not have to worry about new clients getting the same ip addresses as systems still on the network... do you follow?  I also set the lease time to 6 hours right before I did the switch so IP addresses would refresh pretty quickly (so you could theoretically do it one evening and have everyone up on the new IPs in the morning by just switching off the windows dhcp server and starting the new Linux one).  Remember that if you change the lease time, you probably still have computers out there that just renewed before you changed and still have the original time (1 day, 2 days, etc).    If yo! u have a router that has to relay DHCP information, make sure you update that to the new IP address of the server (I've been splitting into 10.142.*.* networks for each building.... Linux and Windows 2k/XP systems only... no 98 )

Henry Burroughs
Technology Director
Hilton Head Preparatory School

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From: "David Trask" <dtrask vcsvikings org>
Subject: Re: [K12OSN] *DHCP Questions*
To: vangundypw sau14 k12 nh us
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Couple of questions for you....

Not ever having used Windows ADS....does ADS depend in any way on Windows
DHCP?  If not, then it might be best for you to use the K12LTSP DHCP.  Is
the K12LTSP server on the same subnet as all the Windows machines?
OR....does it have two NICs and the terminals sit on their own network. 

Now....we'll assume that the K12LTSP server shares the same network as
everything else.  If that's the case and ADS doesn't need Windows
DHCP....then simply turn off the DHCP on the Windows side and use the
K12LTSP DHCP.  You'll need to make sure the K12LTSP server is handing out
the correct addresses and subnet for your network.  This is most easily
done during installation .  It's possible to change on the fly, but may
not be worth the headache.  If the users home directories live on the ADS
server and not the K12LTSP server....you can simply blow away the K12LTSP
server (back up a few configs like icewm if you use it)...and then
re-install...this time entering the correct info along the way.  It is
possible to change mid-stream....perhaps someone on the list can point you
to all the files that need to change...or maybe Eric's K12LTSP-initialize
script will do it....haven't looked. 

Assuming you'll need to add static entries for things like servers and
printers....this is easy to do....just look in dhcpd.conf for
examples....or you can use Webmin to add them graphically.  Once you add
all the static (reserved) entries...make a backup of it so you can use it
another time....I cut and paste from mine year to year....I've been using
Linux DHCP servers for years.

vangundypw sau14 k12 nh us on Monday, February 13, 2006 at 8:36 AM +0000
>I have a DHCP question because I think I am making thinks more confusing
>for myself than they should be. I will tell you what our current setup
>is and then what I would like.
>Our current setup is a Windows ADS domain with a Windows DHCP server
>handing out leases. We also have a K12LTSP server authenticating against
>the Windows ADS so that users can have the same sign on for the
>terminals as they do the Windows boxes. Here's the issue though, we have
>both K12LTSP and Windows DHCP server on the same network so both are
>handing out leases. Computers that get leases from the K12LTSP server
>aren't working. Now we come to my question...
>How can I get K12LTSP to point to the Windows DHCP server unless it is a
>client booting via bootp or pxe and vice versa (Windows DHCP server
>point to K12LTSP when it is a bootp or pxe request)? On the other hand,
>is it possible to have K12LTSP do all DHCP for the network and if so how
>would the DHCP conf file look? Any and all help would be greatly
>appreciated. Thanks.

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Director
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask vcsvikings org

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