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[K12OSN] Mac question for inet6

Hello All,

Im trying to get iMac bondi's to get correct video.
I think i have correct path in /etc/ltsp/ppc/etc lts.conf file to point to
XF86Config-4.indigo file.
Im getting video fine on the older Imac,dull, bizzare colored cases.

When the client (Bondi/shiney Imac) gets to the video portion of bootup
runlevel5 im getting three lines starting with TCP Socket creation failed,
Inet6, something something,
Im guessing if i can get this to work on shiney bondis, possibly emacs
might work as well, that we inherited. im probably dreaming.
SOrry for being so vague,,im not at a mac and forgot to write down the
exact three error lines,, but all three pertain to Socket TCP
failed,,,Inet6,, right before you would see the /tmp/xf86,, line..to go to
GUI mode login..
I changed to shell then startx but stuff flies by too fast to grasp the
three error lines..

Using version K12LTSP 4.1.1 with PPC rpm added...


Barry Cisna

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