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Re: [K12OSN] how to create etherboot CD

David Whitmer wrote:

--- Petre Scheie <petre maltzen net> wrote:

I've got a Micron desktop client that when I try to
boot it with a Universal Boot Floppy starts to load the ROM image but then the screen goes grey with a few blinking characters in the center of the screen and it just
stalls there.

So, I thought I'd try to get it to boot via a CD.  I
followed the instructions at
but when I test it on a Dell OptiPlex that IS able to boot from the Universal Boot Floppy, it starts to load the ROM image, but then its screen goes grey,
the black and nothing else happens.

Has anyone managed to translate the Universal Boot
Floppy onto a CD?



I've been using the universal network boot files from
the Thinstation project.

The link below will take you to the download page. Download network_boot_floppy+cd+hd_540.zip, unpack,
and use your favorite CD mastering software to burn
eb-net.iso to CD.


Hope this helps.
David Whitmer

Thanks David, that works wonderfully on my Dell test station. I'll try it on the Micron onsite later this week when I get there.

I was able to make the Micron boot from a PXES live CD, and then chose XDM from the boot menu, and it brought up the login screen from the terminal server like a champ. I was thinking I'd try to re-master the PXES CD to automatically default to XDM. That route still has some appeal because I like--and I think the users will be less intimidated by--the splash screen at the beginning of the PXES boot process. OTOH, PXES seems to be in a state of limbo right now: the wiki is broken, Diego has handed/sold/given the project over to X2, and it's not clear what if any further development is being done by whom. :-(

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