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[K12OSN] Yum Changes re FC3 moved to Legacy

I have a machine running K12LTSP 4.2.1 which is based on FC3.  While I
should upgrade that, this isn't a good time so I'd like to keep using it
as-is for a few months.  I see that back in January, FC3 support was
moved to Fedora Legacy.

My first question is something I've wondered about for a while but was
happy for the system to "just work" (TM) so I didn't bother asking.  I'm
a little unclear on where updates for my system come from.  I have
repositories listed in /etc/yum.repo.d/ that point both to the official
Fedora repos, (download.fedora.redhat.com) as well as repositories
pointing to 12linux.mesd.k12.or.us.  Do I really need both?  Will base
fedora packages be updated from one and K12LTSP specific packages from
the other?  Or could I just have the k12 repo and be done with it?

As for the move to Legacy, I've updated my fedora repos to point to the
legacy locations (download.fedoralegacy.org) instead.  Do I need to
change anything with the k12ltsp repos?  Do I even need to keep them?
Or will security updates to legacy find their way to the k12ltsp repos
and I could just have those and not have to change anything?

Sorry I'm so clueless.  I'm just not clear on where updates come from.

Henry Hartley

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