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Re: [K12OSN] Yum Changes re FC3 moved to Legacy

Henry Hartley wrote:
I have a machine running K12LTSP 4.2.1 which is based on FC3.  While I
should upgrade that, this isn't a good time so I'd like to keep using it
as-is for a few months.  I see that back in January, FC3 support was
moved to Fedora Legacy.

My first question is something I've wondered about for a while but was
happy for the system to "just work" (TM) so I didn't bother asking.  I'm
a little unclear on where updates for my system come from.  I have
repositories listed in /etc/yum.repo.d/ that point both to the official
Fedora repos, (download.fedora.redhat.com) as well as repositories
pointing to 12linux.mesd.k12.or.us.  Do I really need both?  Will base
fedora packages be updated from one and K12LTSP specific packages from
the other?  Or could I just have the k12 repo and be done with it?

As for the move to Legacy, I've updated my fedora repos to point to the
legacy locations (download.fedoralegacy.org) instead.  Do I need to
change anything with the k12ltsp repos?  Do I even need to keep them?
Or will security updates to legacy find their way to the k12ltsp repos
and I could just have those and not have to change anything?

Sorry I'm so clueless.  I'm just not clear on where updates come from.

The K12LTSP repo includes the Fedora Legacy updates. The duplication is

You could remove the fedora repos, but then you run the risk of the
K12LTSP repos not being updated in a timely fashion (rarely has the
K12LTSP repos been more than 1 day out of date). With both repos
enabled, if the K12LTSP repository is not updated in a timely fashion,
the update will be picked up by the Fedora repo.

Of course, as you note, the FC3 Fedora repo is now stale and needs to be
 pointed to the FC3 Fedora Legacy repo. I need to update a package and
add it to the K12LTSP repository so that will happen automatically. Just
have not got around to it yet ;-)


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