[K12OSN] K12OSN - restricting dynamic dhcp to some devices

Julius Szelagiewicz julius at turtle.com
Wed Feb 15 22:04:20 UTC 2006

Dear Folks,
	I am running a closed dhcpd, that is all the addresses are
preassigned. The reason for it is to not allow in unknown laptops. It
worked well, until I went with IP phones. They require dhcp lease on the
default vlan, then release it and go to their own vlan. The problem is
that I cant just assign 15 addresses (all that I have available) to 120
phones - dhcpd just says "no free leases", so Iwas forced to open those 15
addresses to all takers.
	How do I set the dhcpd.conf to allow only the phones to get
addresses? The first 6 bytes of mac addresses are same, the vendor string
is null.
	tia julius

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