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RE: [K12OSN] Yum Changes re FC3 moved to Legacy

On Wed, Feb 15, 2006 12:26 PM Eric Harrison said:
>> Henry Hartley wrote:
>> > As for the move to Legacy, I've updated my fedora repos to point
>> > to the legacy locations (download.fedoralegacy.org) instead.  Do
>> > I need to change anything with the k12ltsp repos?  Do I even
>> > need to keep them? Or will security updates to legacy find their
>> > way to the k12ltsp repos and I could just have those and not
>> > have to change anything?
>> The K12LTSP repo includes the Fedora Legacy updates. The
>> duplication is intentional.
>> You could remove the fedora repos, but then you run the risk of
>> the K12LTSP repos not being updated in a timely fashion (rarely
>> has the 12LTSP repos been more than 1 day out of date). With both
>> repos enabled, if the K12LTSP repository is not updated in a
>> timely fashion, the update will be picked up by the Fedora repo.

That's what I sort of suspected but I just wanted to be sure.

>> Of course, as you note, the FC3 Fedora repo is now stale and
>> needs to be pointed to the FC3 Fedora Legacy repo. I need to
>> update a package and add it to the K12LTSP repository so that
>> will happen automatically. Just have not got around to it yet
>> ;-)

No worries.  And thanks again for all your great work.  

Also, I see that the Fedora Legacy folks are working on making it so
this change is more automatic for everyone in future releases, which is


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