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[K12OSN] sound using esd does not work on 4.4.1

Sorry for going over this again, but I have a sound issue on the clients (which is the driving factor towards moving to 4.4.1)

In the test thjn client, I am having difficulties with sound using esd and gnome under version 4.4.1.  The test server was built by taking all the defaults in the 4.4.1 installation.  I have also tried with all defaults and yum -y upgrade with exact same results.

Both the thin client and the server have the same sound integrated i810_audio.

When I log into the thin client as root, sound works well under xmms, rhythmbox (with gstreamer-plugins), gstreamer-properties, sounds from the sound server under gnome, etc.....even the volume controls show up.  esdplay /usr/share/sounds/phone.wav works well.  using "tcpdump | grep 16001" on the server console when running the command esdplay /usr/share/sounds/phone.wav on the thin clien , I see a lot of activity.

but when I login as any user, nothing works.  using gstreamer-properties, when I test esd, nothing.  esdplay /usr/share/sounds/phone.wav, nothing.  I do not get errors from esdplay, gstreamer-properties  test returns "failed to construct test pipeline for "ESD - Enlightenment Sound Daemon"  "tcpdump | grep 16001" does not return any activity.

I think this is a rights issue, or setup of esd, but I am unable to locate / or solve the issue.  Any help, guidence would be appreciated.

I thank you in advance for any assistance solving this issue,


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