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[K12OSN] XF86Config-4 setup question :Solved

Hello List,

Thanks to All who gave suggestions on the Imac Indigo video prob i was
What fixed this was placing the XF86Config-4.indigo file in the
/opt/ltsp/ppc/etc/Xll directory, as suggested. Now the Indigo Imacs get
video fine.
Also I found by using this same driver for the Imac bondio boxes, Tuxtype2
runs fine. Before Tuxtype2 would just try to open and would close.
I wouldnt have even needed this ,other than our school consolidated with
another school,and we inherited these machines. My next step is to get
sound working correctly on these. Yet another head scratcher. I have sound
cards initialised,correctly,and get the "accepting conenctions on port
16001" message and get sound bars when playing sounds through xmms
player,but im not getting any sound output.

Thanks again to everyone,

Barry Cisna

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