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Re: [K12OSN] OT - school financial/accounting software

Andrew Fisk wrote:

did you take a look at SQL ledger -- it's free, fairly easy to install and comes with templates for all kinds of businesses -- I don't know if they set one up for schools, but it's a quick download to find out. If google is to be believed, it looks like schools in the uk are using or evaluating it -- they may already have the customizations done. Of course you would have to work in pounds :)

Does anyone use an opensource school accounting/book keeping
application.  We are looking at upgrading our current software,  McAleer
 School Accounting, and I would love to consider something opensource.
The upgrade is going to cost us $50,000.00!



I second the suggestion for SQL-Ledger- we use it for a small preschool here. It does what's needed, and provides simple enough processing for invoices. We use it with emailing invoices and the like, and it just plain works. I had to set up the chart of accounts to match my needs, but it's been smooth sailing from there. The CofA is probably already developed in your old software, so all you need to do is replicate the familiar accounts structure. You'll be set.

Angus Carr.

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