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Mike Heins k12osn at perusion.com
Fri Feb 17 17:05:38 UTC 2006


With the success of our K12ltsp labs, and the fact that all remaining
computer systems problems seem to be Windows/related, we are in the
market for a Linux-based school information system (to replace Hunter
Schoolminder, etc.).

My cooperating teacher ran across Schoolmaster, which apparently can
run its custom DB (Faircomp) on Linux, but still runs all code on
Windows clients.

I surveyed the options last year and didn't see anything real good
that was web or Linux based. 

So I have three questions:

    1) Are there any satisfied or dissatisfied Schoolmaster
       users out there?

    2) Have any options opened up (or become stronger) in the
       past year for school information systems?

    3) How close is the Shuttleworth school system from being
       useful for grades and report cards?

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