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[K12OSN] SMB and printing problems

I am having problems printing to printers attached to windows computers on the network.

Behind this problem seems to be some SMB inconsistencies.
When I go to Nautilus or Konqueror I can correctly browse all the computers and shares in the workgroup. But when I type findsmb from the command line I can only see k12ltsp, office and one teacher's laptop is shown 4 times. It shows twice for each ip address (wireless and wired). My laptop is not shown and one other teachers laptop is not shown although they show fine in nautilus. When I go to set up a printer using printconfig-gui I try to browse for my laptop but it is not shown. Only the ones shown by findsmb are listed. I tried entering the share info directly by that didn't work either.
I can ping my computer because I have listed it in etc/hosts
I cannot ping any other computers by name even though they are listed under findsmb.

When I type smbstatus my computer is listed but it says $IPC whereas the other computers say School Int before it. I am not sure if that is relevant or not.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction to try to work this out.

I am using K12ltsp 4.2.1

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