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Rép. : [K12OSN] SMB and printing problems

Are all the computers that you want to reach are all in the same broadcast network?
Are there any routers or firewalls setup between them?
The fact that you cannot ping them by name may only be a name resolution problem, can you ping them by IP?

>>> krsnendu orcon net nz 2006-02-27 21:30:44 >>>
I am having problems printing to printers attached to windows computers
on the network.

Behind this problem seems to be some SMB inconsistencies.
When I go to Nautilus or Konqueror I can correctly browse all the
computers and shares in the workgroup.
But when I type findsmb from the command line I can only see k12ltsp,
office and one teacher's laptop is shown 4 times.
It shows twice for each ip address (wireless and wired). My laptop is
not shown and one other teachers laptop is not shown although they show
fine in nautilus.
When I go to set up a printer using printconfig-gui I try to browse for
my laptop but it is not shown. Only the ones shown by findsmb are
listed. I tried entering the share info directly by that didn't work either.
I can ping my computer because I have listed it in etc/hosts
I cannot ping any other computers by name even though they are listed
under findsmb.

When I type smbstatus my computer is listed but it says $IPC whereas the
other computers say School Int before it. I am not sure if that is
relevant or not.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction to try to work this out.

I am using K12ltsp 4.2.1

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