[K12OSN] MySpace article featuring yours truly

Roger morris_r at 4j.lane.edu
Tue Feb 28 18:56:48 UTC 2006

Around Tue, Feb 28, 2006 at 10:55:28AM -0800,  Huck, wrote:
> easier to add 'proxy' to the bannedphraselist =)
> I was trying to be selective at first to smack some kids on the head...
> but alas my efforts were futile..the kids were more resourceful than 
> I...and had a LOT more freetime to try and circumvent the proxy than I 
> had to track down all of their proxy sites...so death to the word proxy.
Would a block on the phrase 'myspace' also work? 
most of the redirectors use the site you're going to as part of the url.
similar to:  http://proxy.org/proxy.pl?myspace.com  

I'll try that on a test list.  

Roger Morris
morris_r at 4j.lane.edu
* Knghtktty is not going to ask how zucchini got into the discussion ...

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