[K12OSN] Need help testing a different approach for the caching-nameserver-ltsp package

Eric Harrison eharrison at mail.mesd.k12.or.us
Mon Jan 2 21:54:22 UTC 2006

I think I have a graceful work-around for the conflicts between the
latest named & caching-nameserver package updates and K12LTSP's
caching-nameserver-ltsp package.

Traditionaly, the caching-nameserver-ltsp package was a replacement
for the caching-nameserver package. In my test package, I make the
caching-nameserver-ltsp require the caching-nameserver and then
include both sets of files into an alternate name.conf file:

named is started with an alternate config file by adding
OPTIONS="-c /etc/named-k12ltsp.conf" to /etc/sysconfig/named.
/etc/named-k12ltsp.conf includes /etc/named.conf and the ltsp zones.

There are two scenarios I have found where this breaks. One is
that /etc/named.conf has been customized but still includes the
ltsp zones. If the ltsp zones are included twice, named won't start.
The second case is that an alternate config file was already
specified in /etc/sysconfig/named. If such a customization was made,
the caching-nameserver-ltsp package should not modify it.

If either of these conditions are detected, the caching-nameserver-ltsp
package skips adding OPTIONS="-c /etc/named-k12ltsp.conf" to 

I would greatly appreciate help in reviewing and testing of this
package on K12LTSP 4.4.1:



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