[K12OSN] Keyboard problem (again)

John Halfpenny jhalfpenny at excite.com
Fri Jan 6 15:05:55 UTC 2006

hi brad, thanks for replying.

i agree having found some weird bios related things before, but this one doesn't have any options for acpi!

bah. think i'll try another machine... ;-)

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This may seem weird, but I've had this problem before using certain  <br>machines.  Turning off ACPI in the BIOS fixed the problem for me.   <br>Give it a try and see what happens.<br><br>Brad<br>On Jan 5, 2006, at 6:43 AM, John Halfpenny wrote:<br><br>><br>> Hi Everyone,<br>><br>> I recently installed K12LTSP (looks very promising by the way) and  <br>> got my workstation to boot, but the keyboard doesn't respond.<br>><br>> I've searched around for a solution but the only ones I can find  <br>> seem to relate to AT style keyboards or an error which needed a fix  <br>> on earlier releases of the OS (I'm using 4.4.1).<br>><br>> Sorry to paste configs, but I've kept it as short as I can!<br>><br>> Presently I've edited the lts.conf keyboard section to look like this<br>><br>> # Keyboards<br>> XkbSymbols         = "us(pc101)"<br>> XkbModel           = "pc105"<br>> XkbLayout          = "gb"<br>> XkbCompat          = "default"<br>> XkbTypes           = "default"<br>><br>> And in !
last ditch attempt to match it up to the server (as they  <br>> both use ps/2 keyboards) I edited the build_x4_config file too-<br>><br>> Section "InputDevice"<br>>        Identifier  "Keyboard0"<br>>        Driver      "kbd"<br>>        Option      "XkbRules"  "${XKBRULES:-"xorg"}"<br>>        Option      "XkbLayout" "${XKBLAYOUT:-"gb"}"<br>>        Option      "XkbModel" "${XKBMODEL:-"pc105"}"<br>> EndSection<br>><br>><br>> But still no joy. Anyone know of anything else I can try?<br>><br>> TIA<br>><br>> John<br>><br>> _______________________________________________<br>> Join Excite! - http://www.excite.com<br>> The most personalized portal on the Web!<br>><br>><br>> _______________________________________________<br>> K12OSN mailing list<br>> K12OSN at redhat.com<br>> https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/k12osn<br>> For more info see <http://www.k12os.org><br>><br><br>

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